Delicious, sweet, sour plum tartlets



I can’t believe autumn is already here!

Just as the weather was warming up it seemed like someone up there flicked the switch to autumn.

Although I have been living here in Austria for 7 years I still have not gotten use to the weather. I’m an Australian at heart and I LOVE the long HOT summers.

Anyway there is nothing I can do about the weather except enjoy the last of the summer stone fruits.

One of my favourite stone fruits is plums and after seeing the plum tartlets made by Anncoo Jounal I too had to try them out.


Here there are enjoying the last summer rays.

Don’t they just look so gorgeous.

I am so in love with the colours.


These plum tartlets are just calling out, ‘Eat me! Eat me!’

You know you want to.


The recipe actually makes 6 plum tartlets but wait, there is only 4?

Yes you caught me!

Mr Charmed and I ate one each while they were still warm and ohhhh were they delicious.


So come on, I dare you to make these crumbly, sweet, sour, moreish plum tartlets.

You won’t be disappointed.

Trust me 😉


I followed Anncoo’s recipe to the T so I will direct you to her site. Click here for the full recipe here and step by step photos.

She has many other amazing recipes so be sure to check them out too.

Good luck and I would love to know how your plum tartlets turn out.