Everyone Likes Popsicles

A few days ago I made A Berrylicious Smoothie from the ‘Eis & Smoothie’ book from Tchibo.

I actually had quite a bit left over so ‘waste not, want not’, I froze the smoothie in these colourful silicon ice pop moulds to enjoy during a hot balmy day.


I also made a frozen ripple strawberry yoghurt popsicle using the berrylicious smoothie for the ripple.


Simply mix some of your favourite natural yoghurt with honey, vanilla bean or vanilla extract, and chopped strawberries.

Spoon some berrylicious smoothie along the inside wall of the silicon moulds then pour in the yoghurt mixture.

You can also layer some of the berrylicious smoothie in between the yoghurt for a layered effect.

Cover with the lid and pop them in the freezer.

Then it’s just a matter of waiting till they are frozen.

This is also a great activity for the kids to get involved, they will love creating their own popsicle flavours.


I just love the colours of these silicon ice pop moulds, they have summer written all over them!!

A packet contains four top quality silicon moulds and each mould is approximately 20cm in length, holds 75 mL and comes with a lid.

The silicon makes it very easy to twist and push the frozen popsicles out and there is no washing up because you can just pop them into the dishwasher.

Create flavoured popsicles to use in place of ice cubes in large jugs of drinks.

Just let your imagination run wild and create different popsicles to your liking.

What would you popsicle flavours be?

Ice Pop Moulds thanks to Tchibo available here.