A Very Berrylicious Smoothie

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do when the days are warm is bake.

The summers here in Austria are just too short and sweet to be stuck in doors in a warm kitchen so I have been enjoying the warm weather with something cool, delicious and healthy.


A couple of weeks back the ‘Eis & Smoothies’ book from Tchibo fell into my hands, so I have been treating myself to some homemade smoothies.

The book is in German and each recipe is accompanied with beautiful photos that you really just want to make all of them.

As there are so many summer berries in season at the moment, I thought I would make the ‘Frühlingserwachen’ (spring awaking) but I like to call ‘A Very Berrylicious Smoothie’.


I will share this recipe with you as it is too berrylicious not to 😉


Ingredients (makes approximately 350 mL)

150 grams strawberries

30 grams raspberries

30 grams blueberries

30 grams red currants

50 grams cherries

1 orange

2 cm Vanilla bean (replaceable with vanilla extract or essence)

6 ice cubes

50 mL elderflower syrup (can be omitted)

sugar or honey (optional, for sweetness)



  1. Carefully wash the berries and cherries and leave to dry. Juice the orange. Slice vanilla bean in half and scrap the beans out.
  2. Crush the ice cubes and set aside. In a blender add the berries, cherries, vanilla, orange juice and edlerflower syrup and blend on high till finely pureed. Taste a spoonful and add sugar or honey if needed. Add the crushed ice and blend until you get a creamy smoothie.
  3. Pour into a glass and decorate with berries as desired.

My changes:

I doubled the recipe.

I froze the blueberries, raspberries and red currents and omitted the ice cubes as the frozen berries made the smoothie cold without diluting the taste.


I did add a bit of honey to my smoothie as the red currants and raspberries cuts out the sweetness and I have to say that touch of vanilla makes all the difference – a definite must have!


This recipe is so easy and flexible. You can add or omit whatever berries takes your fancy and make your own creation.

You can even mix a bit of the smoothie mix with Sekt or Prosecco for a refreshing aperitif.


Now I’m off to enjoy the sun shine in the garden. I’ll be reading more ‘Eis & Smoothie’ recipes whilst slurping on my berrylicious smoothie 😉

Stay tuned to see what I did with the left over smoothie mix.


<Plate painted by yours truly – me of course – at Made By You Linz>