The perfect Cafe Latte to kick start the morning

I don’t know about you but I like to kick start my mornings with a lovely hot coffee.

What type of coffee?




Cafe Latte?

Well, for me it would definitely have to be a cafe latte.

But hang on a minute, it’s not the type of cafe latte you are thinking about. It’s not the type you get in a coffee shop.

You see I am quite particular with the ratio of coffee and milk so I want to share with you my version of a cafe latte.

Last week I received my lovely new Tchibo Cafissimo PICCO coffee machine in coral. I just love the colour, it’s so cheerful and yes I even have matching nail polish 😉

This coral colour is a limited edition so you had better hurry if you want one too. The other limited edition colour is gray.

thecharmedcupcake_Tchibo Cafissimo PICCO latte Collage 1

1. Pour approximately 1/4 cup milk into a glass. Full cream, low-fat, soy, almond milk, whatever takes your fancy.

2. Froth up the milk with a milk frother and then microwave on high for 20 seconds.

3. Insert a coffee capsule into the Tchibo Cafissimo PICCO machine. In may case it’s the new flavour Eduscho Crema Superiore, it has an intense aroma yet very smooth and full of flavour.

4. Place the warmed glass of milk on the tray of the coffee machine and press the small coffee cup symbol for espresso. This will give you approximately 1/4 cup of coffee. The larger cup symbol gives you 1/2 a cup.


thecharmedcupcake_Tchibo Cafissimo PICCO latte Collage 2

5. Before the coffee hits the glass, make sure you tilt the glass. This will ensure you get the lovely layered effect just like in the cafes.

6. Empty out the capsule and you are ready to kick-start your morning.


thecharmedcupcake_Tchibo Cafissimo PICCO

My version of the perfect cafe latte: an espresso shot of smooth, full flavoured Eduscho Cream Superiore coffee layered between hot milk and light, foamy milk froth.

thecharmedcupcake_Tchibo Cafissimo PICCO 3

As you can see the ratio of milk, coffee and froth is 1:1:1. Now that is what I call a perfect cafe latte!

OK I am going to be really mean now and head out to the garden with my cafe latte and a slice (or maybe two) of this super moist, delicious chocolate coffee gugelhupf.

But have no fear I won’t torture you all for too long and will post the recipe soon so please stay tuned.

You can now find the recipe for this delicious Chocolate Coffee Gugelhupf/Bundt Cafe here.