Summer 2014 with Tchibo Cafissimo Latte

Hi everyone!!

A couple of days ago I attended a Tchibo event in Vienna.


So what’s Tchibo I hear you all asking?

Tchibo is a chain store all across Europe that not only sells great coffee but also a diverse range of lifestyle products.

Founded in 1949 in Hamburg, Germany Tchibo was initially a coffee-mail order company. It is now an international company that operations in many more business sectors.


At the recent event I got a sneak peek of their new Cafissimo Latte coffee machine which has only has just been released.


The Cafissimo Latte machine is available in a variety of colours: biano (white), rosso (red), nero (black) and argento (grey).

As you can see the machine has an attachable milk compartment so you can make lattes and cappuccino’s at the press of a button.

The milk container can be removed and stored in the fridge ready for use the next time you make a coffee.


But if you are an espresso lover, have no fear as the Cafissimo Latte machine can give you that option as well.

There are five options available; espresso, caffe creme, filter coffee, cappuccino and hot milk with foam. This is great as it caters for everyone.

But the best is yet to come, the machine even has a self-cleaning option!

How cool is that!


I love this machine as I love drinking my coffee with milk, either a cappuccino or a latte but my husband is an espresso drinker so the Cafissimo Latte is perfect.

You can slide the bottom lip back and forth depending on the type of coffee you would like so that the glass can fit. For a latte you just need to slide the bottom lip into the machine and for a cappuccino or an espresso you just slide it forward so that the cup can sit on top.


A perfect latte by the press of a button.


Tchibo offers 12 different coffee flavours ranging from espresso, caffe creme and filter coffee.

On this occasion I opted for a medium strength cappuccino.

Delicious it was.

Smooth and full of flavour.


I leave you now with a Tchibo coffee amongst the roof tops of Vienna with the Saint Stephens Cathedral in the background.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying a coffee with me.