THB #33: Holiday Cranberry-Nut Bourbon Cake

In my case Holiday Red Currant-Nut Whisky Cake


I can’t believe it’s that time of the month already for the next bake over at The Home Bakers. This time round the recipe, which is from the book Coffee Cakes by Lou Seibert Pappas,  has been selected by the lovely Diana of Domestic Goddess Wannabe and I am so glad I did not miss out on this delicious bake.

Only the host of the bake can state the recipe, so I would highly recommend you check out Diana’s page as this recipe is sooooo good and I agree when Diana says ‘it is to die for’!

I followed the original measurements of the recipe but here are some changes I made:

  • Instead of 1 cup of sugar I used 3/4 cup.
  • Replaced cranberries with frozen red currants (from my mother-in-law’s garden).
  • Used dates and not raisins.
  • Substituted pecan nuts with walnuts.
  • No bourbon in our household so I grabbed the whisky, it is a good substitute.
  • I coated the dates with a bit of flour so that they would not stick together.

thecharmedcupcake_baking collage Lou Seibert Pappas states ‘ It was a winner, surpassing far richer and more glamorous cakes.’


So without further ado lets unveil my version of this bake and you can be the judge.


I left my bundt naked and didn’t dust it with icing sugar so you could its natural beauty.


The recipe states that as soon as the cake comes out of the oven a boozy mixture of orange juice and whisky is to be poured over the cake whilst it is still hot and in the tin. At first it looked like a lot of liquid but after I poked a few holes in the cake and left it for 15 minutes as stated, the liquid was well absorbed into the cake. Not a drop of liquid hit my kitchen counter when i turned it out.



To be honest with you I am not a fan of whisky (ok maybe except for whisky sour), I couldn’t stand the smell of the orange whisky mixture as I was pouring it over the cake. All the while I was thinking ‘Oh no what have I done, I should have omitted the whisky’.


But I am glad I didn’t as the cake absorbed all the liquid and there was no strong whisky smell. The mixture made this fruit and nut cake really moist and the red currants off set the sweetness of the fruit nicely.  I also loved the crunch from the walnuts. It is a cake filled with fruits and nuts yet moist, airy and light.

thecharmedcupcake_RCNBCC10Look at all those fruits and nuts in each slice! I love how the red currants gives it a pop of colour.

My husband did not take to it at first (even with his whisky in it) as it was too much fruit and nuts for him but I did see him munching on a couple more slices later on. My in-laws have already put in a request for me to bake this cake again so I would definitely agree with Lou and say this cake is a winner!

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