The Little Pink Elephant

Have you ever eaten a little elephant?

I have!

And it tasted ohhhh sooooo good! 😉

elephant cupcake

A couple of months back as I was surfing the internet I stumbled across Salt & Paper. Martina, who is a talented graphic designer, is the beautiful lady behind the home decor online store Salt & Paper. She creates magnificent original prints of a high quality standard and when I saw her cute little elephant I was in love. But sadly at the time it was in green and blue and it just so happened that our god-daughter had arrived in the world. I sent a quick email to Martina and before I knew it we had a gorgeous little pink elephant with the name ‘Karoline’.

To show case this adorable pink elephant print I decided to make little pink elephants hidden inside some cupcakes. I’m sure you all know of the hidden heart inside the cupcake, well this is the same principle.

SONY DSCFor those of you who don’t know of the hidden heart cupcake method this is how it works.

You simply bake a plain sponge cake in a square or round tin. As you can see I coloured my batter pink. Once the cake is cooled you use the heart (or elephant in my case) cookie cutter and cut the cake. I found it easier to freeze the cake till it was firm and then cut it with the cookie cutter.

Next, make up a batch of your favourite cupcake recipe. In my case I stuck with chocolate as I liked the colour contrast of pink and brown and the flavour would be chocolate and vanilla. Line your cupcake pan with liners and fill each case with about 2 teaspoons of batter then place an elephant in each case making sure they all face the same way. This just makes it easier for you to remember once they are baked. Then carefully cover each elephant with batter and bake.


Just remember when you take the cupcakes out to make a note of which way the elephants were placed. Once the cupcakes have cooled, mark two little dots on either side of the cupcake liners so that it gives you an invisible horizontal line down the middle. This is your guide to know where to cut the cupcake in half to reveal the little elephant.

These were slightly more delicate than the simple heart shape due to the legs and trunk. As you can see some legs and trunks crumbled a bit.

I’m sorry I don’t have any step by step photos as I was concentrating so much on making sure I put the little elephants all the right way in the cupcake pan that I totally forgot to take photos. But I’m sure you all get the idea of how this method works, it’s quite simple and straight forward really.

SONY DSCI think you will all agree with me that this print is just adorable for any little girls room. Karoline’s parents loved this print and they enjoyed the cupcakes immensely. As for Karoline, she has a couple more years to grow before she can eat my cupcakes and her little elephant will always be watching over her.

SONY DSCThis print and many others are available at Salt & Paper. They can also be tailor-made so be sure to ask.

They ship internationally too.