“Wake up, Luigi! The only time plumbers sleep on the job, is when we’re working by the hour!” – “Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid”

For those of you who remember Philip and his Mario cake (1 of my first cakes) will know that Philip is now 1 year older. For his 6th birthday he requested a Luigi cake.

Yay!! Luigi gets the lime light this time round.

Well in actual fact Philip was lucky enough to get two cakes – 1 for Kindergarten which was the Luigi cake and 1 for his party which was a pull apart soccer cupcake cake (yet to be posted).

Now I could have made something similar to his Mario cake and just change Mario to Luigi but I wanted it to be different and I wanted the cake to have some height and I don’t mean a tall cake.

I used the same method of making the fondant decorations as with the Mario cake but this time I themed Philip’s name to match.

For Luigi I used the same method as I did for Mario except I used an oval-shaped cutter for this face and defined the chin area but cutting it slightly to a pointer shape.

the making of the Luigi cakeAs you can see I used very basic cookie cutters to build the characters. I didn’t have a star cookie cutter so I printed out a star, cut it out and used that as a template. So as you can see you can make impressive fondant decoration with simple tools and techniques.

The cake was a classic chocolate cake which I baked in 2 x 8″ rounds and sliced in half to get 4 rounds. I covered it in blue buttercream and to create the cloud effect I used a standard round tip which I piped and then pulled to the right as pressure was released. Another method would be to pipe a blob then use the back of a spoon and smear the frosting to the right (or left if you prefer).

Luigi cake collage

So what do you think?

Here is Luigi at Kindergarten where he received a lot of ooOooOos and ahhhhhss from the kiddies and the birthday boy was very pleased with his birthday cake which made me very happy of course 🙂

Luigi at Kindergarten

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Baking Atelier

I have entered Luigi into the Baking Atelier  competition #bakevie #kitchenaid.

I would really love to win the beautiful blue Kitchen Aid they are giving away as I bake so much that it would really be a fantastic ‘aid’ in my kitchen and

what better help can 1 ask for than a KitchenAid.