Madagascar – GiG’s Most Wanted Movie Spotlight

I like to move it move it!

madagascar characters

Do you all like to ‘Move it! Move it!’ just like Marty in Madagascar 3?

I sure do and I just find Marty’s character so funny and loveable.

I have yet to see Madagascar 3 as it was only in English for a short time here in the cinema’s and due to both my husband and my busy schedule, by the time we wanted to watch it it was only showing in German and there are just some movies I have to watch in English. But from watching the trailers I just love Marty’s Afro circus dance.

I have watched the other two movies and laugh so much each time I do.

I have to confess, I made this cake back in October when Madagascar 3 was released here in Linz. It was a birthday cake for a friend’s daughter Beatrix who was celebrating her 7th birthday with friends at the cinema. I just never got around to posting it till now and it couldn’t have come at a better time because it is the GiG Movie Awards Spotlight.

I didn’t have to make a Madagascar theme cake but the movie did inspire and challenge me. Seeing as Beatrix was celebrating her birthday by watching the movie I thought it only fitting to theme it altogether.

So here is my Madagascar inspired cake with a tutorial of how I made the main characters faces from fondant.

Zebra CakeA home baked zebra cake

AlexAlex the lion

MartyMarty the Zebra

GloriaGloria the hippo

MelmanMelman the giraffe

Alex Marty Gloria Melman

Madagascar inspired cake

The idea behind this cake was to cover it all with ‘green grass’ but at the time I had problems with my grass tip so I only managed to pipe the grass patch for the placement of the number candle then I placed the heads of the characters like Mount Rushmore style.

I hope I did the characters justice.

madagascar dreamworks

I have entered this into the


and thank you to GiG’s Most Wanted hosts: Liss Cope and Debora Faria for this fun event.

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