Tag Der Linzer Torte – Day of the Linzer Torte

‘Tag Der Linzer Torte’ was held on Saturday, 17th November here in Linz at the Passage City Center shopping mall. To celebrate the day of the Linzer Torte, the shopping centre held a competition where anyone could enter by baking a Linzer Torte.

I only found out about this competition on Tuesday whilst I was driving to work listening to LifeRadio.

Only one cake per person was allowed, cakes were to be baked at home and delivered on the Friday before the big day.

I thought why not, what did I have to lose? Even if I didn’t win I could at least say I tried. I consulted a girlfriend straight away asking her if she thought I was crazy to enter ‘Linzer Torte Cupcakes’. I told her my ideas and god bless her for all her support and always listening to me talk about cupcakes 😉

So on the day of the competition, all the cakes were taste tested by 15 judges (star chef – Mike Süsser, top pastry chefs in Linz, media, tourism) and once the winners were announced the cakes were sold off slice by slice with a minimum donation of 1 Euro per slice (in my case per cupcake), the funds raised went towards a good cause (Institut Hartheim) so I did my bit for charity too.

I won’t go into the whole story of the Linzer Torte as I am sure you are all dying to see the entries and find out who the winners were, so you can read up about the Linzer Torte here if you are interested.

So without further ado here you go:

My entry

The Linzer Torte entries


Congratulations to:

The top 5 winners

The creative prize winner

I thought the Linzer Torte Cakepop entry should have won the creative prize but I’m guessing because it wasn’t a ‘Torte’?

The pastry chefs of Linz

(Left to right: Niemetz, Mr Jindrak, Mr Hofmann)

After the event my husband and I along with a couple of friends bought a few Linzer Torte to try. Of course I had to try the 2012 Linzer Torte winning cake and the creative prize winner’s cake. The winning cake was good, it tasted very close to the original Linzer Torte although it was quite dry around the edge compared to the ones baked by the professional pastry chefs.

The creative prize-winning cake on the other hand, I have to admit in all honesty, tasted of stale nuts. Guess they didn’t judge on the taste with this one.  Someone else was also quite creative by baking a Linzer Torte with banana, this made the cake very moist which we all loved.

I have yet to try the Linzer Torte Cakepop as it’s just way too cute to eat. I want to admire it for a couple more days 😉

Although I didn’t come close to winning, I had fun entering my first baking competition and there was some tough competition. But I was also glad to know I had many enquiries about my cupcakes and there were sold at the blink of an eyelid.

So there you have it, you be the judge although I know you can’t taste any of them I would still love to read your thoughts and see which is your favourite.

I will post my Linzer Torte Cupcake recipe in the next post and thank you all for your wonderful support on my facebook page.

The recipe can be found here Linzer Torte Cupcake Recipe.

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