The Charmed Cupcake Hits News Stands

For those of you who have been following me on Facebook, you would recall that in early September I was contacted by the Woman magazine (a national Austrian magazine) to conduct an interview, for the upper Austria section of the magazine, about my baking hobby .

WOW! What a surprise it was to get a personal email from the upper Austria editor one Monday morning.

At 1st I didn’t believe it, I thought ‘who would want to interview me?’ but then again it wasn’t really going to about me, ok maybe a bit. It would be about my Charmed Cupcakes – Charmante Törtchen and who wouldn’t want to report on yummy cupcakes?  To conduct an interview whilst surrounded by sweet, delicious, charming, cupcakes I’m sure you too would love to be in the reporter’s shoes?

Without further ado, here is the article which was in issue Nr. 20 of the upper Austrian Woman magazine.

For those of you who can’t read German, the article basically explains my love for cupcakes which you can also read more about here. My dream would be to take over Linz with a cupcake bakery but I would need to be a skilled baker, which means going back to school for 4 years. But we won’t dwell on that now.

I’d like to share with you some pictures of Charmante Törtchen which I whipped up for the day of the interview. I didn’t bake any new recipes but I baked my two favourite recipes to date and embellished them differently: Nutella Cupcakes and Margarita Caketail Cupcakes.

Allow me to take you behind the scenes of the Charmante Törtchen interview:

I made this pennant (sometimes called cake bunting) using fondant, unfortunately I never got a chance to take a photo of the bunt stuck in the ‘Woman’ cupcakes. But I am sure you can imagine what it would look like.

As soon as the editor said I needed to have some cupcakes on display for the interview the ideas started to churn in my head.

I thought I would go that extra mile and made some personalised cupcake wrappers using the Woman magazine for some fashionable cupcakes. I couldn’t present my Charmante Törtchen to a fashion magazine without dressing them up in style!

I used different shaped crafting scissors to trim the top of the wrappers to represent the different types of fashion material cuts/pattern and it gave the wrappers a bit more character. What do you think?

How do you like these cute wine charms that Chitter Chatter Charms created for me? Aren’t they just adorable!!

I can’t wait to use these when I have the girls around for champers to see who fights for what.

Which one would you fight over?

Chitter Chatter Charms has just started so please show her some love and support her on page. She can personalise the wine charms to any words you like (maximum of 10 letters on each ring) and she posts internationally.

Here you have all the Charmante Törtchen posing in the limelight. Don’t they just look so pretty?!?

Who doesn’t love a good ‘Caketail Cupcake’?

Here is my all time favourite Margarita Caketail Cupcakes also trying to steal the limelight.

Which one is your favourite?

This little cupcake wasn’t too fussed about the limelight and took it easy out in the garden.

There are many more yummy photos but this post would be too long if I posted them all up so please sit back and enjoy the sildeshow.

I started this blog 3 months ago more as a place where I could archive what I baked, to share it with family and friends and with anyone who stumbled across me. Never did I imagine that my little charmed blog & I would be aired on radio and now in the Woman magazineDanke für den netten Artikel.

Thank you to my family and friends for all your advice and to YOU – my readers and my fellow bloggers for your wonderful support and lovely comments. Your encouraging comments always motivates me to continue baking and I will strive to bring you many more delicious charmed bakes.

Ich Danke Euch ganz herzlich. 

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