Kernölgugelhupf – Pumpkin Seed Oil Cake

‘Pumpkin seed oil cake!!’ I hear you say.

Yes that’s right. Kernölgugelhupf is a culinary delight here in Austria and I for one absolutely love Kürbis – pumpkin seeds, pumpkin soup, roast pumpkin, pumpkin seed oil, all things pumpkin!

Autumn is now upon us and it’s pumpkin time! Not only are there edible pumpkins but there are also decorative pumpkins – which I only found out when I moved here.

Growing up in Africa and Australia I never really got to experience all four seasons as distinct as I do here in Austria. People here go all out with decorations for each season and it’s quite lovely to see and experience.

For me, I know when autumn is here as each year the local farmer will roll out his roadside stand alongside the main road not far from where I live. The stand is filled with many beautiful decorative pumpkins free for all to take, but a small donation in the money-box is kindly looked upon.

Come autumn and Austria is abound with pumpkins and what better way to celebrate autumn than with a delicious Kernölgugelhupf (pumpkin seed oil cake).

Pumpkin seed oil is a culinary specialty of Styria (south-eastern Austria).

It is thick, dark green in colour and has a delicious nutty flavour.

Personally I love mixing pumpkin seed oil with balsamic vinegar to drizzle on a garden salad or simply on vanilla ice cream.

So when I came across this recipe in a supermarket magazine I just had to try it and here I am sharing it with you as it really is lecker.

Recipe in English:

Pumpkin Seed Oil Tube Cake


4 eggs (separated)
100 g water at room temperature (1/2 cup)
1 Pkg. vanilla sugar (1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract)
100 ml pumpkin seed oil (1/2 cup) (I used Pelzmann‘s pumpkin seed oil)
100 g pumpkin seeds (unsalted)
150 g icing/powdered sugar
100 g sugar
250 g plain flour (sifted)
2  teaspooons baking powder

  1. Pre-heat oven to 180°.
  2. Grease and flour a bundt tin and cover the base of the tin with pumpkin seeds.
  3. Using an electric mixer and on a slow speed, beat egg yolks, water, icing/powdered sugar, vanilla sugar or extract and pumpkin seed oil.
  4. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites and 100 grams sugar until medium to stiff peaks form.
  5. Fold 1/3 of the egg whites into the cake batter along with half of the sifted flour and baking powder until well incorporated, then fold in the rest.
  6. Pour into greased tin and bake for 50 minutes or until a skewer poked in the middle comes out clean
  7. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar.

Recipe in German:


Zutaten für eine Gugelhupfform

4 Eier
100 g Wasser
1 Pkg. Vanillezucker
100 ml Kernöl (ich habe Kernöl von Pelzmann benutzt)
100 g Kürbiskerne
150 g Staubzucker
100 g Kristallzucker
250 g Mehl (griffig)
1/2 Pkg. Backpulver

  1. Backrohr auf 180° vorheizen.
  2. Gugelhupf-Form einfetten und mit Mehl ausstauben und mit den Kürbiskernen auslegen.
  3. Dotter, Wasser, Staubzucker, Vanille und Kernöl schaumig rühren.
  4. Eiklar mit Kristallzucker nicht ganz steif aufschlagen.
  5. Dottermasse mit 1/3 des Eischnees und dem Mehl & Backpulver glattrühren, dann den restlichen Schnee unterziehen.
  6. In die Form füllen und in etwa 50 Min. fertig backen.

I made 6 mini and 1 large bundt with this recipe.

The texture of the cake was really light and fluffy, very similar to a chiffon cake.

The pumpkin seed oil gave the cake a beautiful light green colour (similar to green tea cake), the taste of a slight nutty flavour mixed with sweetness was delicious and the pumpkin seeds gave it a lovely healthy crunch.

I served the mini bundt cakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with pumpkin seed oil – herrlich!

So I welcome autumn with open arms if it means I can eat pumpkins everyday.

Thank you for stopping by and I would love to hear how you went with baking this delicious Austrian culinary delight.

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