Black and Gold Wedding Cupcakes

Hi charmed ones, so sorry for not posting for so long as I have been enjoying the European summer – did you miss me?

I am back now so look out πŸ˜‰

Back in July whilst we were out with friends along the Danube river my blog came up in conversation. One of the couples were getting married and the bride to be immediately asked me to organise her wedding cupcakes. I was surprised and honoured – my first wedding!! πŸ™‚

It wasn’t a huge wedding as they were doing the civil service this year and having the church wedding next year. It’s exactly what my husband and I did too. Here in Austria you need to do the civil service first before heading to the church (that is if you want a church wedding). Some couples kill two birds with one stone and have it done all in the one day and others, like myself and my friend, get the contract signed paper work done then allow ourselves time to plan for the big celebrations.

My girlfriend’s theme was black and gold and she wanted half vanilla and half chocolate – the recipe for the cupcakes can be found here.

Even though I only had to bake 30 cupcakes it took up quite a bit of my time as I wanted them to be perfect. I mean the baking part was quick and easy, it was the flower decorations that I was meticulous about. Back in May my mother sent me her fondant molding tools which she used some 30 years ago but no longer practices so she thought I would get more use out of them.Β  I put the vintage tools to use and this is what I came up with:

Black fondant is not readily available here so I had to colour my own. I had to do this a few days in advance before cutting the flowers so that the colour had time to develop.

I basically added drops of black food colouring to white fondant till it became jet black, wrapped it in plastic and let it sit at room temperature over night.

For those who have never worked with fondant, water acts as glue – a little goes a long way. A very delicate process.

To give the flowers a bit of a shimmer I dusted them with gold luster dust. I made the flowers a week before the big day to give them enough time to dry and harden.

I found these beautiful black paper cupcake wrappers with a delicate lace cut design on line and knew immediately they were right for the wedding. Here is a little tip on how to dress a cupcake with cupcake wrappers.Β  Using a small glass (a shooter glass) place the wrapper over the glass, the cupcake on top and the slide the wrapper up.

Of course you can just drop the cupcake into the wrapper but it won’t always sit straight and the frosting might get messed up.

With such a delicate wrapper, I found this was the best way to go about it – quick and easy.

The gold cupcake tower was another one of my DIY projects. It was actually my wedding cupcake tower with a cream coloured satin ribbon – you can see it behind the black lace which I bought a the local craft store and pinned it over the satin ribbon.

At the wedding.

Congratulations to the married couple!!

I was told the married couple along with their guests devoured the cupcakes with joy.

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