Race Track Birthday Cake

Race track birthday cake

Happy 8th Birthday Josh!

Last weekend my girlfriend’s son was celebrating his 8th birthday. My husband and I don’t have kids yet so I had no idea what to get an 8-year-old boy. Just stepping into a large toy store drives me crazy, I wouldn’t know where to begin as there is just so much choice! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping but only when it comes to cloths, shoes, handbags and baking items 😉  and I’m one of those people who just never knows what to buy when it comes to gift giving.

So I did what I know best – I baked the birthday cake.

My girlfriend and I decided on the race track figure 8 cake, of course there are many versions of this cake but I will share with you how I made mine – simple yet effective.

I baked 2 x 9 inch round yoghurt cakes, recipe here. When baking the yoghurt cake in a round tin I preheated the oven to 170C degrees and baked each cake for 1 hr 15 mins. I only had 1 round tin so I had to bake 1 cake at a time. I found with my oven that 180C degrees was too hot as it cooked the outside of the cake really quick and the inside was still uncooked.

Whilst the cakes were baking I made some little witch’s hats and race flags out of fondant.

Once the cakes had cooled, I cut one edge off each cake so that they joined nicely together when frosted.

Next I covered the cakes with a chocolate ganache, recipe here. You will need to double the amount to cover the two cakes.

Before transferring the cakes to the cake board make sure you spread some buttercream on the board where the cakes will sit. This will act as glue. I forgot to do this and the cake moved slightly when I transported it. This resulted in some messed up frosting edging but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

I then did a figure 8 outline with buttercream using a Wilton tip #4. The witch’s hats were placed on the center of each cake and I used chocolate sprinkles for the road and to cover up my uneven chocolate ganache spread.

Designing the track

Next the grass started to grow. I pipped buttercream, recipe here – no need to double the recipe – using the grass tip by Wilton #233. Don’t fill the piping bag with too much frosting as your hands will warm the buttercream so it’s best work quick and with small amounts. There is no need for perfection when using the grass tip. Whilst you are piping, keep the rest of the buttercream in the fridge till you need to refill.

Grass edging

I used tic tacs as the white lines on the road and my girlfriend bought two hot wheel cars to add the finishing touch.

finished track

Here is a close up of the track.

race car 2

And the blue convertible is in the lead.

Race car 1

Who will make it to the finish line 1st?

Race track

Time to sing happy birthday.

birthday cake

The children really enjoyed it but most importantly the birthday boy got his cake and he could eat it too.

A great time was had by all on this hot summers day in Linz.

Thanks for reading and remember if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.

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