Cupcakes for Germany vs Greece 4 – 2

Euro 2012 Quarter Finals

For those who know me I am not a soccer or as they call it here in Europe – football – fan at all. As a child I remember my father watching soccer every Sunday afternoon with family friends and they would be screaming and/or cursing everytime a goal was scored or when the referee blew the whistle. I didn’t understand what the whole commotion was about and frankly I didn’t care.

But last Friday Germany and Greece were in the quarter finals and a good friend of mine had invited my husband and I over to their place to watch the game. My girlfriend is very much into her soccer, she is so cute as she keeps score of who’s won and lost. Now she and her husband are German, hence the invite to watch Germany vs Greece.

She was cooking up a feast so I said I would bring dessert, what else but cupcakes!!

I made the cupcakes in the colours of the German and Greek flag but my German flag cupcakes was a bit of a flop. As I was squeezing the red food colouring into the batter I thought to myself ‘hmmm…… that’s not very red, squeeze more!’ It wasn’t till I looked at the packet that it was pink and not red!!! Oh well, I think it was jinxed as the day before I told my girlfriend I was going for Greece – just for a bit of fun.

But in the end Germany won 4 – 2 and the cupcakes were a winner too.

Yoghurt Cake

I made the yoghurt cake, recipe here.

Instead of benco/milo I used coconut as I wanted a cream batter which I could colour. I then divided the batter into 5 portions and using gel food colouring I coloured them accordingly. Now a bit of math comes into play here. As you can see the German flag as three colours and the Greek flag only two colours so you don’t want to divide the batter into equal portions otherwise you will have too much batter for the German cupcakes and not enough for the Greek cupcakes – unless you want it that way. So divide the batter into half, divide one half into three portions for the German cupcakes and the other half into half again for the Greek cupcakes. Makes sense?! Of course you can create your own pattern if you prefer.

Greek flag: White/Blue

German flag: Yellow/Red/Black

For the black I didn’t use food colouring, instead I mixed in a bit of benco/milo till it was a nice chocolaty colour and I must admit the marriage of the chocolate and the coconut was a match made in heaven.

Angela’s White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

For the frosting I decided to use cream cheese as my husband and I are not big fans of butter cream. My husband actually requested a white chocolate ganache but that was a flop too. Luckily I had cream cheese in the fridge so I created my own frosting – the melted chocolate didn’t go to waste.

For 24 cupcakes

250 grams white chocolate

100 grams dark chocolate

1 1/2 cups cream (36% fat)

525 grams cream cheese (3 x 175g philli cream cheese)


  1. Melt chopped white chocolate over a double boiler with 1 cup cream. Whisk till all lumps are melted and let cool to room temperature.
  2. Melt chopped dark chocolate over a double boiler with 1/2 cup cream. Whisk till all lumps are melted and let cool to room temperature.
  3. Beat cream cheese till creamy.
  4. Set aside approximately 90 grams cream cheese in a separate bowl.
  5. With the remaining cream cheese beat in the melted white chocolate till sift peaks form.
  6. Now beat in the melted dark chocolate into the 90 grams cream cheese till stiff peaks form.
  7. Refrigerate till ready to use.

Using the same dividing method for the cupcakes divide the cream cheese frosting – the chocolate frosting is already done.

For the frosting I used a large star tip and I used the same technique as I did with the Nutella Cupcakes. I know I said not to fill the bags too much which is what I did as I was rushing due to the warm weather as I wanted to get it all done as quick as possible. I had a bit of a problem frosting the German cupcakes as the dark chocolate frosting was thicker than the other frosting so it was not coming out together. I had to put the yellow and pink frosting in the freezer and beat the chocolate frosting till it was softer. I forgot to wash out the tip when I put the bags together again so that’s why the yellow has a chocolate edging.

Can’t be perfect all the time 😉

As for the game, Germany won 4 – 2 Greece

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