Pool Party Cupcakes

A good friend of mine was having a pool party for her daughter Sofia. Now Sofia and I have a cupcake relationship that goes back a couple of years. My girlfriend is not really a baker and Sofia loves to bake so when our schedules matched up I would meet with my girlfriend and Sofia for an afternoon of cupcake baking. And what fun it always was, baking with children is messy fun yet rewarding. Just seeing their cute facial expressions when they crack the eggs just makes one smile and laugh or as they sit and wait with anticipation in front of the oven as the cupcakes bake and rise just takes me back to my childhood baking days.

So for Sofia’s birthday she wanted a pool party. Now her birthday is in February and here in Linz there is still snow on the ground so thank goodness for their indoor pool.

Due to our cupcake relationship, I offered to bake Sofia’s birthday cupcakes and needless to say my girlfriend was over the moon – one less thing for her to worry about.

So what does one thing of when they hear ‘Pool Party!’ – Cocktails, bikinis, sun, sun glasses, hot sexy tanned bodies……. er…..no! this is a kids pool party.

*light bulb in head flashing*

Ta tada!! What else but a pool party themed cupcake tower for the kids to ‘oOoO!!’ and ‘ahhh!!’ over.

Step 1

I found party leis & balloon confetti at Toys R Us so I bought 4 leis and cut the string to release the flowers. I then stuck each flower with the balloon confetti. I was going to use the coloured drawing pins as it would have been easier to pin them around the styrofoam but not a good idea around children. If you do use styrofoam, make sure you check that the glue is suitable. Once the flowers dried I glued them all around the edge of the tower.

Step 2

Here in Linz the cake boards are not readily available so I made the tower out of styrofoam which I cut to size (thanks to my father-in-law who has a machine for this). I then painted the pieces with paint suited for styrofoam, make sure you check this at your local hardware store before purchasing as some paints eat into the styrofoam. Here in Austria the Tiger brand V+A is available at Baumax or Bauhaus and I find it really good. It’s also available in small little bottles which is enough for what I do. I painted the pieces a lovely bright yellow and the ‘S’ in Sofia’s favourite colour – pink.

Step 3

With a few of the left over flowers I made the birthday girl some hairclips and I also made a matching birthday card using Martha Stewart’s cupcake punch. The card used for the cupcake punch outs was a box in which the beach Playmobil toys came in.

Step 4

Now moving onto the cupcakes. I baked vanilla cupcakes in two tones and frosted them with light blue buttercream and dabs of normal buttercream to give it that wave effect. For the deck chairs I used maoam sweets which were microwaved individually for 20 seconds and rolled flat. The plastic lid I used had a slightly raised edge so I let the sweets dry on this to give it a deck chair effect. For the beach towels I cut up sourbelts and used a dab of buttercream as glue for it to stay on the deck chair. For the sand I crushed up some sweet butter biscuits and for the floaties I found the smaller Trolli apple rings worked best. I had to buy extra as I couldn’t stop eating them. Oh and don’t forget to use buttercream to glue the koalas to the beach towels.

Step 5

Deliver the cupcakes, enjoy the party, eat drink and be merry.

So there you have it, the little koalas swimming and sun bathing all ready for the Pool Party.

And how did it all go at the pool party?!

Sofia absolutely LOVED it and all the kids were impressed *phew*

The girls went for the cupcakes with koalas and umbrellas and the boys went for the cupcakes with koalas in floaties.

(Tip: when delivering a large amount of cupcakes, use the non slip shelving sheets to line the base of your box so the cupcakes don’t slip)